Real Estate Developments

FCA has ample experience in the development of real estate businesses, assisting clients in structuring, financing and developing real estate projects. The team has extensive experience in the formation of real estate trusts and joint ventures and advising institutional investors, developers, owners, lenders and construction companies.

The practice includes the participation in real estate business from beginning to end, and offers, for example, counselling services and drafting of: work design contract with the designer, construction contract with the contractor, management contract with the manager, inspection contracts with inspector, co-ownership agreements, purchase-sale agreements of completed units as well as units in the process of construction, rental agreements, provisional or final receipt certificates, communications between the parties involved in real estate development, corporate issues of the venture, loan agreements, commercial sales alliances and financing of units, constitution of guarantees, design of trust of guarantees and real estate development, investment and funding contracts, among others.

Lawyers specialized in this area